Sunday, August 1, 2010

Dallas does...Haiku Sunday.

Grandpa has left us
Running away in the night
California dreams.

Last chance workout night
Sweat a form of currency
Pounds of bills to pay.

A road means a search
Rattling drives dad crazy
Loose change, man unhinged.

Eye haight you're spelling
Letters our two hard four ewe
Right better, dimwit.

No shave November?
My dog's beard is unending.
No thumbs to shave with.

Delilah solves love
problems with top forty hits.
Comfort in her songs.

Sidney's County Fair.
Carnies warm for Kelsey's form.
Options piling up.

Green eyes sad today
Balloons in cheeks inflated
Sinus infection.

My phone rings sweetly,
buried under my clean pillow.
Endless excitement.

Confidence is all
A girl needs to celebrate
this Sunday's promise.

Queen Scrabble Master.
Triple word score paradise
is her second home.

Too many road signs
Separate you from me now.
But give it a week.

Iowa City.
My home away from this one.
Don't miss me too much.

August is just what
The doctor ordered today.
Eighth month limitless.

Green eyes the perfect
shade under dark eyelashes.
So wide and serene.

Puppy chow on the floor.
Accidental mess made of
kibbles and the bits.

Dusty roads dusky
in the light of the setting
summer evening sun.

Today's thought of the day is a summary of the season from my Great Aunt Marie:
"A crack of thunder, and then it rains."

Peace, love and poetry.

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