Friday, October 15, 2010

Dallas does...being okay.

Another day, another smile.
More laughs to burst your eardrum.
The sunshine through fall leaves lighting my stroll home in skinny jeans.
I'm not sure I'm okay with this.
Bad news echoing always over the roar of Iowa City distraction.
Tears welling up where they don't belong.
Autumn rides in on a cool breeze.
My invincible summer has yet to leave me.
I'm happy but...
Even joyful but...
When will it all start to sink in.
Forgive me for my sunshine.
I swear I'll let you in.
I just have to let myself in first.
Trust me, I need to trust you.
Fear has a way of coming uninvited.
For now, there's just this sinking feeling.
That the next smile will scare off.
I just want to listen until I'm ready
So tell your stories,
And I'll scream my laughs,
And I'll be okay again.

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