Monday, October 4, 2010

Dallas does...reasons to smile.

Yesterday's blog had me waltzing through the valley of melancholy, so in spite of that journey being far from over, today's blog is going to be about something I happen to be fantastic at: finding pleasure in the simple things.
Here is a list (as all-inclusive as my sleepy mind will allow) of every single thing I have to be grateful for/happy about no matter what is troubling my worrisome thought cycle.
1. I am in love with laughing and I am in love with my laugh. No matter how annoyingly loud it is, and no matter how many times I get yelled at for being disruptive, it is one of the most unique parts of who I am, and this special scream-laugh spreads smiles like nobody's business.
2. Powdered foods. Whether mashed potatoes, fun dip or hot chocolate mix, powdered foods are the bomb.
3. My Betty Crocker baking skills. Have you tasted my Funfetti Cake? How about my brownies? Being my friend is worth getting chubby from cherished desserts.
4. There are deer on my pajama pants wearing scarves. I also wore a scarf today. It was yellow.
5. My stats professor talking about lurking variables today. That should actually be typed lurking variables because of the air of mystery he imparted on them. He went on to relish in the 'imagery' of the phrase. That man is a caricature.
6. Stats prof's shirt was green- my fav.
7. My Sports Econ professor remembered my name! And took the crazy question I asked seriously.
8. I got to sit on my absolute favorite spot on the old capitol building and was only mildly cold.
9. Skinny jeans have been a magnificent addition to the relationship I have with my ghetto booty.
10. I have not yet ripped my sheets out from under the mattress with my epically violent sleeping.
11. My emails are witty.
12. My radio was playing "Teenage Dream" by Katy Perry when it woke me up this morning.
13. Tennis club won the Iowa Invite yesterday!
14. I got sunburned yet again, but this time my face ended up looking wonderfully sunkissed.
15. In poetry class we're discussing John Donne again tomorrow- he happens to be my favorite poet at the moment.
16. Tomorrow is Tuesday which means it's Java House time with Monica!
17. Infared camera in Physics class. I felt like I was a character on C.S.I.
18. The Backstreet Boys. As ashamed as I am to admit it, having a Bboy song come on when my Ipod was on shuffle was one of the most exciting moments of the day.
19. A Daily Iowan writer mentioned Justin Bieber in his sports column.
20. Last Chance Workout didn't kick my ass this morning- it only helped shrink it.
21. A's on both tests I took last week!
22. The roomies and I actually get along...really well.
23. I love being able to write.
24. Being webmaster for the tennis club website gives me a ridiculous sense of accomplishment every time an update is successful.
25. I make people smile a lot more often than I make them sad.
26. V-necks.
27. Today Professor Holstein said the being nice can be one of the worst things that ever happened to a person. I happen to think being nice is one of the best things that ever happened to me.
28. I caught Alain listening to 98 degrees.
29. My words-per-minute typing would put any office professional to shame.
30. Sleeping when it's cold out is even more snuggly and wonderful than usual.
31. I still have a crush. And while I have no idea where the situation will go, at least he enjoys my company.
32. I enjoy being responsible and smart.
33. I am a good listener.
34. With age, I have become more patient.
35. I am really good at adding and subtracting in my head.
36. The ability microsoft excel has to kick my butt matters little in the long-run.
37. People trust me.
38. I have a lot of Yoplait yogurt in the fridge. That stuff is heavenly.
39. Every day I get better at being me.
40. I'm learning to ask the right questions.

Today's thought of the day:
"Be wise enough not to be reckless, but brave enough to take great risks."

Peace, love and parkour,

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