Saturday, July 10, 2010

Dallas does...1492.

After hopping off the Last Chance Workout train, I am thrilled to report that I've now run two days in a row and proven to myself that my fitness is not a sinking ship.
Today the S.S. Kelsey set sail from the home port in the roasting sunshine and took her shrinking booty all the way to a park downtown and back.
Serena Williams said this week that accepting her big boobs and huge butt has been a part of her life journey. Age twenty has definitely led me to a better place in the realm of self-confidence, not only because I've been doing a lot better working it out, but also because I realized that the only opinion that matters is my own.
Regardless of how many milkshakes I turn down, I'm pretty sure my butt will always be a prominent part of my profile. Just think of it as more of me to love.
Personal image is obviously a large part of the brain waves of any college lady, but it's struck me recently how hilarious the entire realm of fashion and glamor is in our modern world.
For example, in a recent issue of Cosmo magazine, 66% of guys voted that side bangs covering a part of one of a girls eyes are a heinous fashion don't.
Well shucks.
But, never fear, I'm pretty sure that the guys I interact with on a daily basis could care less what I do with my bangin' side bangs, as they have their own cowlick and hat head issues to occupy their time.
I guess what I'm realizing is that confidence wins out every time over the perfect look. Okay, well maybe at first it doesn't in dance clubs or on runways, but for the rest of us out here in middle America, all it takes is a friendly smile to earn a new acquaintance.
And so my new goal is to embrace what makes me unique. Not that I could ever be totally unique with a mom who essentially photo-copied herself instead of giving birth. But to realize that I'm only as beautiful as I believe myself to be, and that an awkward smile when I'm having a bad hair day or a particularly noticeable breakout does little to allow people to see the happy, sunshiny me.
And so today when my parents accompanied me to the tour of the Nina and the Pinta docking in Peoria, I decided to relax into my tank-top and short shorts.
So forgive me random crewmates for my less-than-toned upper arms and somewhat substantial thighs.
Because I love me. And that's all that matters.

Today's thought from my favorite daddio:
"I just can't imagine sailing away, taking off for the unknown in a boat that size. But I guess that's all they knew."

Peace, love and the Pinta's sails.

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