Monday, July 12, 2010

Dallas epic Monday.

Reasons that Monday, July 12 was surprisingly awesome:
1. I woke up late, but because of my freakish hair style efforts last night, I didn't have to shower. Additionally, said freakish hair style was accepted by my coworkers because I am young and allowed to look ridiculous.
2. My day started out as hilariously as it ended last night with my mother making incomprehensible squealing noises while dad and I looked on.
3. I got to use my brand-new vibrating toothbrush, which is the coolest things since sliced bread.
4. My mom said I looked definitively thinner in my work outfit, and dad did not disagree, though he did say "Don't ask me questions like that!" uncomfortably.
5. I designed a newsletter at work from scratch and became even more convinced that the Public Relations world is a fun place to be.
6. I changed out the elevator bulletin boards with no dizzy spells, though a random member of the public did accost me about why I was loitering in the elevator. Little did he know I was getting paid to do so.
7. I continued to read newspapers from 1941 and loved every minute of it.
8. I ate my favorite selection of finger foods for lunch including carrots, lettuce leaves, blueberries, grapes, wheat thins and cheese.
9. After lunch was a department birthday party with (surprise!) my favorite dessert of pudding + chocolate icing + graham crackers.
10. I managed to finish up the latest employee of the month article in time for it to appear in this week's newsletter. And my boss sent me more story ideas for next week.
11. I found a picture of my boss from his college days in an old article. Needless to say, that sweater and those glasses are going to be a highlight of the week.
12. Ridiculous noises continued emanating from the normally deserted hallway from the early morning until late in the day. Of note, random women chatting about uncontrollable coughing and a whistler with the lung capacity comparable to a camel's water storage chests.
13. Quittin' time snuck up on me!
14. Right when I was prepared to chalk my mother up to lost forever roaming the streets of Lincoln, she called alerting me to her whereabouts.
15. My grandma's outfit selection showed that she had been in good spirits and good health today, though she still only wanted cottage cheese for dinner. Vom.
16. It was Don Panchito's for mamacita y Kelsey. Next stop...delicioustown!
17. One diner across the restaurant had sideburns that pointed out instead of down. Also, he was wearing a shirt and tie. Also, he caught me studying him. Awkward.
18. On the drive home, after serenading me with a song about a couple holding hands at a car wash, mother decided to exclaim her surprise at two people making out in the yard of a bar near our house. Windows down, the couple heard her and assumed it was me and shot the stink eye. My cackling laughter may not have helped my cause.
19. Once home, I fell asleep on the couch and drooled on my shirt. Obviously not the best part of the day- but it was impressive that mom appeared not to notice. I am a drooling ninja.
20. Dad came home with a side salad for my lunch tomorrow! And mom said I could bring her Mexican leftovers! Va va voom!
21. Mom returned from walking Buddy pretending to be an eagle. She then ran into a chair and proclaimed that her feather shaft was broken.
22. I fell off the couch from laughing so hard.
23. The Campus Activities Programming magazine editor wrote me back letting me know that they're publishing me! Now to find an appropriate head shot...
24. I ran around the house carrying my dog and dad yelled at me to put him down so he could pant properly.
25. I stumbled upon Fantasy Factory on Mtv, thus being reunited with Rob Dyrdek, one of my TV heroes.
26. King of the Hill.
27. I jokingly posted Cody Simpson's (a 13-year-old Aussie) video to my Facebook wall and now I keep listening to it. Every time I click play I am convinced that my musically minded friend Tim will pop out from the shadows and yell at me to 'shut that crap off!' Needless to say, this fear enhances the listening process.
28. There's still Bear Mountain ice cream in the fridge about to be in my tummy.
29. I get to do all of this again tomorrow!
30. :) :) :)

Your thought of the day from my pastor's sermon yesterday:
"Worship doesn't change anything if it doesn't change us. Worship doesn't mean anything if it doesn't mean anything to us."

Peace, love and far too much pep.

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