Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dallas does...the watusi.

Hey party people, and welcome to my third blog post in as many days. Life is feeling good as my week works its way toward Thanksgiving break.
The assignments are scarce and free time is plentiful as I prep for a week of Turkey Tournament basketball games, school life recaps with friends, working hard for the money at ALMH and all-around hilarity with the rest of the Dallas clan.
This past weekend, my Iowa ace gang and I put together our own Thanksgiving warm-up event, with Hyvee rotisserie chicken to boot. Sugarless failure of a pumpkin pie aside, it was a great meal and arguably a large part of the reason my mood has experienced such a drastic turnaround after the dismal valley of last week.
As we sat around a rummage sale table on chairs coming from all over the apartment (the words 'dirty step stool' come to mind), it was very clear that we could have been making an entire meal of Alain's precious Spam and still be having a great time. Eight very different college student minds were centered around one very important idea: the overwhelming amount of people, events and possessions we had to be thankful for.
Thanksgiving. A day meant to be spent with family and friends saying prayers and spreading gratitude that we have the ability to gather around a table piled high with turkey, ham or maybe just Chinese take-out and be together instead of alone somewhere worrying about everything pulling on our shirt sleeves trying to tug away our smiles.
And so this is the first of what I hope will become a series of posts detailing what I am thankful for as I prepare my heart and soul for the beautiful celebration that is Thanksgiving.
On a foggy Tuesday, November 16, I'm thanking my lucky stars for...
My ability to type capitalized letters using my nose and tongue (I)
Monica Reardon Java House Tuesday extravaganzas.
Crossword puzzles asking me to name bands that I actually recognize
Horoscopes that tell me "love is on the rise'
My brand-spanking new CPR certification
Capuchin Monkeys
To-go coffee cups
My 70-year old professor's tales of love and loss
A+ Macroeconomics tests
Cold weather that is still brisk and enjoyable
Gma's obsession with the hunt for cleaning ladies
My dad's weather man skill set
Ridiculous techno music by Metro Station that I listened to for an entire summer
Ridiculous girly pop music by the Backstreet Boys that I listened to for an entire five-year period
Aztec scarves
Sharing smiles
The crazy sweater of the parking garage attendant
The look on the parking attendant's face when I complimented his crazy sweater
More specifically, McDonald's Cinna-Melts
Bagel Wednesday! (jumping the gun on this one...)
Facebook notifications
Making people laugh
My nice winter peacoat
Satellite crushes
Seeing my blog on a huge computer monitor as if it was really something
Pretending that printing a reading off is the same thing as reading it
Prince William getting engaged to a commoner...who will now be a princess!
Feeling sunny again
The idea of being 70 years old someday and having my own stories of love and loss to tell
Giving the Jimmy John's driver a huge tip
When the ridiculous TV couple you care far too much about finally are together and happy
Phone calls home
Embarrassing amounts of time spent on weheartit.com
Realizing I've seen a Gilmore Girls episode about ten times and continuing to watch it
Studying at the IMU
Bumpy Ride
Quotes about love that put into words the things I already believe.

And finally, this random quote that just struck me as I worked to pick out today's thought of the day:
"Her laughter was a question he wanted to spend his whole life answering."

Peace, love and princesses,

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  1. So much lovely in this post. I ❤ it!
    Truly though, I am thankful for you. Awwwh. I was thinking that as I sat in Java House musing after your departure.